About Us

BMC Group is a very successful and growing  business chain which is situated in Mahiyangana. Pioneer of BMC Group is Mr. M.M.P.G Dasanayaka Bandara and there are 50 employees who works for the success of BMC Group. 

First step of this business began on year 2009. By identifying the opportunity and as a result of the express development within the country in the section of construction. As a help for this development process we have started our business in a very small scale. 

In the year of 2016 we have registered our business as a company and managed by a director board of three members. 

Now BMC Group is consisting with two other sub companies which is “Bandara Heavy Machinery and Spare Parts Show Room” and “BMC concrete works”

We have highly technological machineries and as a result of that we can deliver high quality products for the concessionary price. 

our Management

M.M.P.G.D Bandara

Managing Director

B.A.G.H Nawarathna

Administration Director

M.M.P.G.D Maheshika

Finance Director